The Story of Prometheus and Hercules

Die “Apokalyptische Marstragödie”

Prometheus and Hercules

9. Mai 2013 um 17:17 Gastbeitrag:

Ancient myth has connected the eagle and the arrow with the fate of the titan Prometheus – the benefactor of men. I am going to tell you a fairy tale about this great cousin of ours.

When the bastard Zeus – of whom eons later a descendant of Prometheus would relate the words: ‘Obvious and naked to the eyes of men are our vices and the heavens themselves bear witness to our misdeeds. Here are the fruits, the relics, the history of our adulteries, incest, whoring, our passions, robberies and sins. For to crown our error we have raised the triumphs of vice to heaven and made it the home of lawlessness’ – matured and felt the power of his godly powers, he started the struggle against his father so that he can rule supremely over Heavens and Earth. Ponderous was the battle as his father could rely on the powerful and unconquerable titans, the best of his creations. This foul thunderer showered with lightning the quintessence of life on Earth and with the help of the hundred handed, fearful and mountain-like Hekatonkheires defeated the titans and locked them up in the gloomy Tartar. Only a sole Titan, named Prometheus, did not participate in the war, pacifying both parties during the course of the conflict. He even got his mother Clymene and his aunt Geia to join the cause in which he placed his slender faith.Maybe that was also one of the reasons why he was tolerated up on Olympus and was allowed de temps en temps to come back to earth.

Yet, the untroubled life of the gods in the spacious heights of the clouds did not attract Prometheus nor did their seemingly endless bacchanals. He returned down to Earth and stayed back there with men. His hearth tore apart with agony when he watched over them – so little was there in them of him although both shared the same roots; they had no fire and were shivering with cold in pits and caverns, while wild animals (or simple pathogens if they were lucky) tore their bodies apart. Men will be less unfortunate if they had fire, thought Prometheus, but that thundering entity strongly forbade any sort of assistance.

”If men are to have fire, said Zeus to his fellow gods, they will learn to utilize it and achieve great feats – they will become wise and powerful and will eventually take over the world. Let them linger and suffer in cold and ignorance while we can laugh them up from the skies.”

Prometheus could anticipate the wrath of Zeus if he were to break the interdiction,however his love for his cousins was stronger than any thoughts of his personal safety. He went into Hephaestus’s forge, took the flame upon him and gave it to men with careful instructions how to utilise it.

The progress of men became rapid indeed!! They no longer indulged to the cold nor did they continue with eating raw, bloody meat that polluted their senses.But Prometheus did more. He educated men in delving the bowels of the Earth, taking the ore and smelting it in iron and other alloys for the Earth needed ploughs and implements to lighten life’s burden.. He also taught men the secrets of cultivation – using the power of oxen and horses which he domesticated without much effort as he spoke to them with his gentle voice and convinced them to give their fair share in the effort. He did the same with the sheep and goats that wondered around at the time explaining to men the benefits of milk and fur. He even went as far as curing the most dangerous of diseases and lengthening man’s lifespan to 150 revolutions around Sol.


griechische Darstellung Sternbild

But the bastard eventually got the smell of Prometheus’ acts and was enraged by fury. Some even say that he stumbled and broke his nose, passing onto his follow-up progeny this trait however that didn’t prevent him in summoning his filthy assistants, Might and Power, which knew of no mercy and ordered them to capture the perpetrator. Which they did – shackling our cousin and taking him to the end of the world in Altai among the ruins of his own people. There they took him, on the jagged mountain boulders that almost touched the sky near the shore of an abandoned sea, with no grass or tree in sight while the enormous waves bathed the notched cliffs with deafening rumble…

On the same licentious shore, close to a gigantic summit, Might and Power took Prometheus and surrendered him into the hands of Hephaestus, his former friend, who under the command of the bastard had prepared his hammer. On the cliff, under the watchful eye of his master, he nailed Prometheus to the rock. From the heavy slashes of his Fäustel, while he pinned down Prometheus’ hands and feet to the boulder, all Earth was said to roar in agony….

Although some compassion was still to be found in Hephaestus’ hearth he nailed Prometheus pretty well to the rock. Finally he had to fulfil the most disgusting of errands – he took a spike and bore it deep inside Prometheus chest. Again the Earth shook and rumbled but alas, there wasn’t even a vox clamantis in deserto this time around. Prometheus accepted his fate without words or sob, even without a stare in the realms of his tormentor, maybe for the first time in the history of this planet memento mori materialised in full. And then everything ceased –Might, Power and Hephaestus disappeared in the void…….

Centuries came to pass. Storms and hurricanes pounced on poor Prometheus.Blizzards and hail pounded his face with terror. However, one evening the waves desisted and so did the storms. With a light breeze a golden carriage arrived conveying the daughters of hoary-headed Okeanos. They loved Prometheus deeply and their tears rained upon him alleviating some of his pain.Then the wise Okeanos himself joined them from Heaven and came to reason with Prometheus. In his view Prometheus and Zeus had to bury the hatchet and start over again. But our great cousin rejected any reconciliation – he knew that Zeus’ power will come to an end eventually.

Once even Hermes, the messenger of the gods, paid Prometheus a visit. He was sent by the bastard himself in order to break his will. To his surprise,Prometheus remained adamant and didn’t even bother to look upon the spoiled courier. Suddenly, the Earth juddered and the cliffs began to disintegrate.Lightning and thunder engulfed the cliffs while waves of enormous magnitude toppled the cliff. The void descended upon this wrecked place and impenetrable night overcastted the area and just when there wasn’t even a particle of gleam in the air, a bolt hit the cliff and sent the nailed Prometheus into Emptiness.

Thousands of years leapt and leapt….Zeus took the cliff with the nailed Prometheus out of the void and subjected him to even greater and more agonising torments. Like arrows did Helios’ beams pour onto our hero, burning his face and body and incandescing the cliff of Agony. When the swelters made way to the blizzards Prometheus’ body froze in motionless Anguish.

Every single day, when Helios travelled with his fiery carriage in the sky, the bastard dispatched a mighty eaglet to his filthy cause. With outstretched wings he came rushing to the cliff and landed on Prometheus’ chest. With his ironclad claws he frittered his breast and feasted on his flesh. With his crooked beak he picked his liver and Prometheus’ blood flowed like a brook from the cliff and reddened the sea beneath. From the heat the blood curdled and a stench of indescribable extent filled the area attracting flies and other crawling creatures. When Helios began his downward journey into the boundless Ocean, the eagle flew away. During the night Prometheus’ liver sprang up again and the wounds in his breast knit together…But on the next day the eagle returned to continue with his bloody banquet. This continued for thirty thousand of our years – every single day without demur……

Prometheus got a visit from his own mother, Clymene, who consulted his father Iapetus to give into Zeus’ demands. His mother tears could not affect our hero’s stand as he knew that an other mighty Soul had already be born and soon will free him from his agony.

This other, the mightiest of all the newly born, was Hercules. He had suffered a lot from his father’s wrath, and to be honest, quite outspoken lunacy and traversed the lands in order to escape his presence. He had delivered men from countless monsters and disasters and finally one day before Helios’ fiery carriage took his ordinary road, arrived in this godforsaken land. Facing the mighty cliff his eyes clamped onto Prometheus while he listened to the list of torments that his father had overlaid on him. Fury, ubiquitous fury from the depths of Existence came over Hercules – he remembered all the treachery of the gods and their inexcusable sins that he encountered in his voyages and decided to free his true brethren, starting right here on this cliff.

In the vault of heaven the gigantic eagle appeared like a thundering cloud. The rumble of his wings intensified with every swing. He came about the cliff and made his descend towards his prey. Hercules did not blink, took his bow and pulled out an arrow from his hamper. The arrow whizzed past and struck the rapacious eagle that fell into the sea. Enormous waves came about from his fall, poured over Prometheus alleviating somewhat his pain. Then Hercules took his mace and tumbled it over the chains – breaking them into thousands of pieces. When he finally took the spike out of Prometheus’ chest and our dear cousin was freed,the two Heroes embraced and decided to go after the tormentor, but as they say that might be the subject of a new story, but our present story has ended.

We might consider though that in the warm summer nights we can watch the heavens and see Hercules up there in the skies – in his feet the bloodthirsty Eagle and above the victorious Arrow. May we remember the great deeds of our forefathers and always, I repeat always, go after the “almighty” gods and defeat them in battle!!
Gogomir Ivanov

9. Mai 2013 ·

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